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The Italian government and the future of the ‘Partito Democratico’

Donatella della Porta published two opinion pieces in the website of “Sbilanciamoci!”, an Italian umbrella organization dealing with globalization, peace and alternatives to the current budgetary policies. In these articles she expressed her point of view on the re-election of Giorgio Napolitano as Head of state, on the formation of the new Italian government sustained by a large coalition that includes both Berlusconi’s party and the center-left, and on the future of the Partito Democratico.

The article “Il governo Bunga-Bunga e la protesta dentro al PD” focuses on the possible negative consequences of this choice for the Italian Democratic Party and on the increasing distance between the party elites and its supporters, voters and militants, with a comparative reference to the previous cases of the Greek PASOK and of the Italian Socialist Party. The text has been translated in Greek on the website rednotebook.gr.

The article “L’elezione di Napolitano e l’inciucio” describes the complicate context of the last election of the President of Italy, focusing on the different political solutions represented by the four main candidates Marini, Prodi, Napolitano and Rodotà, abut also on the (broken) dialectic between the Partito Democratico’s bureaucratic elites and its mobilized militants. This article is available also in spanish on the website sinpermiso.info.