The Centre on Social Movement Studies


The Emergence of a European Social Movement Research Field

Cosmos, the Centre on Social movement studies at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute, is glad to invite you to the following lecture:

On November 28, in the Theatre, at 11am– 1 pm

Prof. Mario Diani (University of Trento) will speak on The Emergence of a European Social Movement Research Field.

The talk illustrates the emergence and consolidation of research on social movements and grassroots collective action within European social science. Rather than on intellectual debates, it focuses on the growth of a distinct professional and organizational field, connected through collaborations that include, among others, co-authorships, conduction of major research projects, promotion of specific journals, and the like. Basic network analytic tools enable us to map the evolution of collaborations between social movement researchers in Europe over three phases, corresponding to the years 1978-1990, 1991-2001, and 2003-2012.