The Centre on Social Movement Studies


Pietro Castelli Gattinara di Zubiena

Pietro Castelli Gattinara di Zubiena is research associate at the Centre for Social Movement Studies (COSMOS) at the European University Institute. He is currently involved in a comparative research project on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, focusing on deliberation and polarization processes in the public sphere in the aftermaths of critical junctures. His interest lies especially in the politics of immigration, political communication and extreme right mobilization. After obtaining his PhD at the European University Institute, with a dissertation on the framing of immigration debates in Italy, he joined the department of Politics of the University of Leicester, where he worked on governmental responsiveness to public opinion and protest (ResponsiveGov project), and on the political participation of migrants (Localmultidem). In 2013-2014 he was teaching fellow of comparative and European politics at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris. His most recent publications on extreme right politics include: “Discourse and Practice of Violence in the Italian Extreme Right: Frames, Symbols, and Identity-Building in CasaPound Italia” (with Caterina Froio). International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 8(1), 2014, pp. 155-170; and “The appeal of Neo-Fascism in times of crisis: the experience of CasaPound Italia” (with Caterina Froio and Matteo Albanese). Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies, N. 2, 2013, Vol.2, pp. 234–258.

Research interests: Migration politics, extreme right politics, political communication, media content analysis