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Lorenzo Zamponi

Born in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy) in 1983, Lorenzo Zamponi is a Ph.D. candidate in Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute. He is currently working on a research project titled “Memory in Action: Mediatised Public Memory and the Symbolic Construction of Conflict in Student Movements”, supervised by Donatella della Porta. Lorenzo studied Communication Sciences at the University of Padova, where he finished his first level degree in 2005, with the thesis “Comunicare l’identit√† di classe: la stampa sindacale a Treviso 1952-1960” (Communicating class identity: the trade union press in Treviso 1952-1960), and his master degree in 2008, with the thesis “I circuiti della memoria: giornali, tv e la narrazione delle foibe 1946-2007” (The circuits of memory: press, TV and the narrative of foibe 1946-2007). He specialised in social movements, public memory and media analysis.

Research interests: contentious politics; student movements; collective memory; media discourse analysis; symbolic construction of conflict.

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