The Centre on Social Movement Studies


Lorenzo Cini

I am a doctoral researcher in Sociology at the European University Institute(EUI) in Florence. My work is focused on university mobilizations emerged in France and Italy after the reforms on higher education of the so-called Bologna Process. I aim to investigate the impact university movements have had on the processes of reorganization of the academic curricula. More recently, I have also started to explore the role these movements have played in the mobilizations against the anti austerity measures following the financial crisis of 2008. In this respect, I am interested in exploring how these movements have opposed the enforcement of such measures in terms of both policy proposals and ways of conceiving democratic institutions. Over the past five years, I have also conducted research in the field of political philosophy by working on the concepts of democracy, justice and equality. On these topics, I have recently published the book titled Società Civile e Democrazia Radicale (Firenze University Press: 2012) and, in collaboration with Professor Brunella Casalini, the volume of political philosophy on Giustizia, Uguaglianza e Differenza. Una Guida alla Lettura della Filosofia Politica Contemporanea (Firenze University Press: 2012). My life is not only academia. In the moments wherein I do not study, I am politically involved in the Italian movements. I indeed took part in the Italian university mobilizations against the Gelmini laws in 2008 (the so-called “Movimento dell’Onda”) and in 2010. At moment I do politics in Collettivo Prezzemolo, a group of EUI researchers who organizes protest events, conferences, and various activities to contrast the cultural hegemony of neoliberal thought in the academia.

Research Interests: university movements, higher education, economic crisis and anti austerity struggles, radical democracy and critical theory, history of contemporary political thought.