The Centre on Social Movement Studies


Linda Lund Pedersen

Linda Lund Pedersen is a research associate at the Centre on Social Movement Studies (COSMOS) at the European University Institute. She is involved in the comparative research project on the public debates surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attacks, led by Prof. Donatella Della Porta. Simultaneously she is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Sociology and the Center for the Study of Human Rights at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her dissertation bears the preliminary title: Whose Rights, Whose Space? The Danish Alien Act and family migration: a case study of spatial segregation of the intimate sphere. The project is supervised by Dr. Ayça Çubukçu (Human Rights/Sociology at LSE) and Prof. Charis Thompson (Sociology at LSE & Chancellor’s Professor and Chair at Gender and Women’s Studies at Berkeley, University of California). She holds a MA in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen and has a strong commitment to transdisciplinary and transnational feminist research and teaching. Linda Lund Pedersen has been actively involved in several European gender research networks, including ATHENA: Advanced Thematic Network in European Gender Studies (funded by the European Commission), ATgender, VEIL (Mapping and analyzing public debates on Muslim veils in Europe, funded by EU’s sixth framework programme) & Nordic research networks engaging in post-colonialism in the Nordic region.

Research interests: Social and political theory, migration politics, transnational feminism, critical race studies, citizenship studies, family reunification policy.