The Centre on Social Movement Studies


Emin Poljarevic

External Collaborator

Emin Poljarevic holds a PhD from the European University Institute. His current research interests intersect between social movement studies, studies of state repression, and dynamics of social motivations. He has published widely on social mobilization through political Islam in the MENA region and Salafism as a broad religious movement. His forthcoming volume on Sociology of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism will be published by Ashgate in 2015. He has organized and thought courses (in history, sociology and religious studies) at University of Copenhagen, Uppsala University and Stockholm University. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh where he works on a research project intended to explore patterns of socio-political shifts in the Middle East and North Africa with special focus on Islamist social movement organizations and processes of socio-political change.

Research interests  : Sociology of Islam, social mobilization, non-violent activism, religious fundamentalism, Muslim minorities.

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