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Raffaele Bazurli

PhD candidate

Raffaele was born in Gubbio (Italy, 1989). Since November 2015, he has been a PhD candidate in Political Science and Sociology at the Scuola Normale Superiore, where he works under the supervision of prof. Donatella della Porta. Raffaele is also a research associate at the Cosmos Centre on Social Movement Studies and  has held visiting researcher positions at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Sciences Po-Paris.

Raffaele’s research focuses on migration policy, social movements, and urban affairs. His doctoral dissertation is titled “Contentious migration policies. Local government and social movement outcomes in Milan and Barcelona,” and analyzes how city governments and pro-migrant social movements interact to shape multi-level governance of immigration. Raffaele has published articles based on his research in South European Society and Politics and PS: Political Science & Politics.

Raffaele also earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. (cum laude) in Economics from Bocconi University, where he worked as a research fellow and teaching assistant.

Research interests: public policy, Immigration, Contentious politics, Local government, and urban politics

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Protest for a future: international report on #FridaysForFuture and the climate strike

Composition, mobilization and motives of the participants in Fridays For Future climate protests on 15 March 2019, in 13 European cities. A multi-country collaboration report, with contributions from COSMOS researchers Lorenzo Zamponi, Donatella della Porta, Martín Portos, Niccolò Bertuzzi and Daniela Chironi.


Call for papers: "The Nation and the Radical Left - Practices and Discourses of National Identity in Left-Wing Politics"

The call for papers is now open for a conference on national identities and left-wing politics.


Call for papers: “Class without consciousness” – The Politics of Fragmented Class Identities

The call for papers is now open for a two-day conference on class and identities at the Scuola Normale Superiore on 14-15 November 2019


Journal Article - 2019

Ballots and barricades enhanced: far‐right ‘movement parties’ and movement‐electoral interactions

Andrea Pirro
This contribution enhances our understanding of the contemporary far right by focusing on the neglected links between movements and elections within the broader context of contention.

Journal Article - 2019

From the Rainy Place to the Burnt Palace: How Social Movements Form their Political Strategies. The Case of the Six Federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba

Leonidas Oikonomakis
Exploring the case of the cocaleros of the Chapare, this article argues that more emphasis should be placed on mechanisms that are internal to the movements, such as: (a) the resonance of other political experiences at home and abroad, (b) internal struggles for ideological hegemony, and (c) the political formation of their grassroots.